A bit on the Falklands

10 years ago it was an inevitability that the news would contain news about the Argentines threatening the Falkland Islands. And so with the 30th anniversary coming up it comes to pass that this is happening again. However since the last anniversary of Operation  Rosario and Operation Corporate (The capture of the islands and the subsequent re-taking)  much has happened. Firstly there could be 60 billion barrels of oil in the area, which for both countries would be a good thing. Not only that but the conditions are pretty similar to 1982, the economy is in the tank, our ability to project force is none existent and there’s an unpopular Tory in power.

However the press and politicians can milk this all they want. At the end of the day the islanders have expressed the will to remain British. Argentine claims over continental shelves or the fact the island was abandoned 150 years ago shouldn’t have any influence. We live in a time of self determination and self will. Argentina cannot expect to accuse the UK of being colonialists when they themselves are wanting to force their own ways on a people who don’t want it. Likewise the UK need to realise that this isn’t the days of Empire, we can’t simply sail back down and retake an island when the Royal Navy has been gutted.

Both sides need to listen to the islanders and cool their tempers, the last time this got out of hand 649 Argentine military personnel, 255 British military personnel and three Falkland Islanders were killed.


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