HMS Illustrious Build#1

Today after months of looking at it and sighing I finally took the plunge and bought Airfix’s 1/350 HMS Illustrious. Deciding to spend absolutely no extra money I opted for the gift set as it is a gift. To me, from me, frankly I deserve it.

The advantages over the gift set to the regular models is that you get the paints, brushes and glue (Although the paints end up in the bin) also as a nice touch is the 20 page booklet giving a good overview of the ship and a few profiles on the crew.

On opening the box the first thing you notice (after the price) is the size of the kit. She’s around 60cm’s long and 10 wide when built but when all the sprues are out the scale of the task is daunting.

I have noticed a warp in the hull around the middle, hopefully this is fixed once the lower hull, hangar and flight deck are attached. I did get the Airfix Bismark last month at it suffered horribly from warping, so much so it went in the bin. It’s becoming a more regular feature with Airfix as I also had a BAe Hawk with one wing touching the ground. While they’re minor inconveniences to experienced modellers for someone just getting started it’s enough to put someone of for life.

So the Aim for today is to get the hangar built up and if possible some of the Boats painted and mounted. Firstly the deck needed to be painted:

It looks a bit patchy but once it dries it should look more even. Plus even if it doesn’t with the exception of a small area around the elevators (the 2 bits not painted) the rest is hidden under the flight deck. The idea is to have the Fore elevator either half up or full up and have the aft one down.

After a ton of painting and a rather disastrous attempt at getting the deck markings sorted I finally got the Hangar sorted. One lift is fully up hence it not being visible and the other is almost raised.

So that’s the first bit done. Some of the open areas are painted ready to be glued before the fiddly bits are added. The hull is seriously warped and that will need sorting.


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