In which Warsi compared me to Hitler.

Monday was a rather uneventful day, I went to work then did a bit of coursework on the causes of World War 2 then went to bed. On Tuesday I awoke to find that Baroness Warsi in a column in the Telegraph had decided I was worse than Hitler and my personal beliefs on Church and State were the same as Mao and Stalin.

As you can imagine I was pretty miffed and for a split second I sympathised with those from the EDL who get called Nazi’s for simply raising their right arm. Warsi’s article is the usual from her, a tasteless attempt at self promotion, defaulting to the age old argument of Christianity is a foundation of our country while maintaining an ignorance of History any 13 year old can identify.

Warsi claims that Religion is being sidelined in modern life, this claim is no doubt spurred on by the ruling a few days earlier banning prayer before a local council meeting. Her

Religion is being sidelined in this country but not by “Millitant secularists” but by our own government. Michael Gove has decided that religious education, one of the fastest growing subjects is not to be part of his flagship Baccalaureate scheme. The chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission today said that religious authority should stop “at the temple door.” Warsi’s main fault in this argument isn’t the complete disregard for History or even the shameless self promotion it’s the blatant tarring of the brush on Secularists.

I am a secularist, I do believe Religions role in law should stop at the temple door. I believe that in this day and age to show preference of one religion over another is insulting to the followers of the other. I believe Parliament has no right to legislate based on religious dogma. I was insulted to be linked to Nazism and Communism (although it takes a special skillset to be labelled as both) However just because I believe these things doesn’t mean I think religion is “stupid” or those who follow it are.  I believe those who use religion as a political tool are stupid. And those who use phrases like “militant secularism” and invoke images of the holocaust are stupid, contemptible and not fit for public office, likewise I feel the same who belittle someone’s personal belief.

To claim that religion is under attack when there are Bishops sitting in the Lords, when the Monarch is defender of the faith and where the Pope attracted a massive crowd to his various events is a bit rich. And only one or two of those were pointing going “Hurrrrrrrrrrr religion is stupid.”


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