Videogames, the silent killer.

“Violent video games are fuelling rise in aggressive behaviour’
Children as young as four are re-enacting scenes from ultra-violent video games at school after being given free access to consoles in the home, according to teachers’ leaders.”

“Children becoming addicted to video game fantasy worlds, teachers warn
Education union wants ‘stringent legislation’ to combat growing trend of young pupils acting out violent scenes in playgrounds”

With a school shooting in the US and a rather horrific murder here in the UK by 14 year old Daniel Bartlam the media has been obsessing over what could have caused this. Now the shooting appears to be down to bullying and mental problems but the Bartlam murder is far more surreal.

The Daily Mirror is leading the “Kieth Vaz crusade” implying that video games may have turned Bartlam into a hammer wielding killer who bludgeoned his mother to death then set fire to the body. A group of teachers today warned that kids as young as 4 are seen acting out violent scenes from video games and are worried we’re Call of duty black ops 2 away from Columbine.

Well here’s a little fact. Bartlam was apparently inspired not by the mean streets of Vice city, or the barren wasteland of a post nuclear middle east. He was inspired by something more horrid. The cold mean cobbles of Coronation street * DUM DUM DUM DUM*-oh wrong one. Video games don’t make you a killer. Legislation isn’t needed to stop kids playing violent games, better parenting is. If you’re letting a 4 year old beat up a hooker, pinch a car and run others over then you really are a horrible parent. Or possibly Liverpudlian. If you let them do it on a video game then not only are you breaking the law regarding age restricted products then you, YOU are to blame for when the child acts this out.

It’s like siphoning off petrol then blaming someone else when it bursts into flames. It isn’t getting to the source of the issue. By enforcing existing laws regarding age restricted items then you don’t need to bring in new laws. There is a serious “Blame someone else” culture prevalent in this country. It needs to stop. I suggest having those “injury lawyers fed to wild animals” as a good start.

I play video games, not once have I pimped a ho, or felt tempted to stamp on mushrooms then crawl through a pipe. I don’t hear parents complaining that “Little Timmy played Grand theft auto and now is in Mexico battling the Sanchez cartel for control of Acapulco”

2 thoughts on “Videogames, the silent killer.

  1. janemccallion April 4, 2012 / 10:37 pm

    It’s true though! Since playing Assassin’s Creed I have been reliving my past lives and have taken up free running, not to mention homicide. And the less said about my experiences after playing Little Big Planet, the better.

  2. Roxy April 23, 2012 / 6:21 pm

    My kid threw a mushroom at her teacher, DAMN YOU MARIO KART.

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