Upper class twit of the year.

“Out of touch posh boys” is how Nadine Dorries described them, Dennis Skinner today made the nation guffaw with his line “”When posh boys are in trouble, they sack the servants.”” regularly lambasted as out of touch toffs the veneer finally slipped off David Cameron.

Prime Ministers questions is generally the same every week. Cameron makes a quick statement and Milliband tries to score a few quick punches then it’s some trivial stuff about a constituency no-one has heard of. However in light of revelations today that Cameron and Hunt are more involved in the mire of News International and the BSkyB bid, the announcement that the UK is officially back in recession, Abu Qatada and Dorries it looked like the Prime Minister had finally had enough.

Usually he can deal with Milliband with a quick reply and a subtle dig, however he visibly lost his temper today launching into a ramble that -if filmed in black and white- would look like something from 1930’s Germany. Then Hunt came along to defend himself, claiming that now wasn’t the time to jump on the bandwagon. Harriet Harman’s response was well delivered and raised more questions about the deal and how much responsibility would they shoulder.

Quickly forgetting that the bandwagon was off limits Hunt launched into a tirade reminiscent of Cameron’s early outburst and in those 30 seconds went from “Future PM” to soon to be “Former minister.”

Cameron is pleading ignorance and Hunt is blaming it on a rogue Advisor (Much in the same way the Fox saga unfolded) However Cameron was warned not only by those who have his ear but anyone who follows even the smallest amount of political news that getting Hunt on board the NI/BSkyB deal was a bad move, he was vocally a supporter of Murdoch and there were questions of his impartiality.

This isn’t the first time Cameron’s been caught out like this, questions raised about Andy Coulson resulted in his dismissal, his relationship with Rebekah Brooks was mentioned as being politically dangerous and yet he did nothing which then resulted in a PM with a substantial amount of egg on his face.

The outburst today may be a minor blip, but to those who saw it, it was the moment of weakness we knew was going to happen, it’s what happens when a spoilt “toff” doesn’t get his own way. Clearly shaken by the events of the Day he looked less like a Prime minister and more like a one man downfall parody


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