Proof that not even solid Gold cannot polish the Turd in Westminster

Today was a special day in Westminster, not only is it the Dennis Skinner stand up show but Lady Gaga officially opened up the new session of Parliament. For our esteemed leader things have been looking a bit bleak. Not only has the traditionally Tory leaning newspapers abandoned him but his own party have the knives out. An election rout last week and the mother of all allegations that is waiting at the Leveson inquiry have added onto what is fast becoming a Greek tragedy.

The speech from the throne is where the government hand the queen a speech she’s never seen and then reads it verbatim. It outlines the legislative agenda for the next year and is a good indicator on where the focus of Government is going to be.

With an economy in freefall, a massive defeat at the polls, national strikes tomorrow and his “allies” in Europe being thrown out of office you would expect his agenda for the next year would be focused on sorting that out. However what we got was rather underwhelming, there was the one’s that wouldn’t normally make page 5 of a white paper (transferring of maternity leave between couples) one’s that in the grand scheme aren’t that important (Electoral register) one’s that won’t pass any court challenges such as the eavesdropping bills and the downright disgusting workers rights bill. There is the completely un passable bill on bankers and executive pay which won’t pass because – well – it’s bankers and executives. That’s like giving turkeys the vote on Christmas.

At a time when millions are facing real struggle, 2 and a half million children are living in poverty and millions more young people are unemployed and living off benefits is the priority of the Government in the next year really going to be on whether to have camera’s in court?

When families are enduring massive cuts in wages and benefits, old people paying higher tax on pensions they worked all their lives for is the priority of this government really going to be on reforming the House of Lords? A house that has recently done more in support of the people than the house of the people?

This country is in tatters, the government “elected” to end the crisis has deepened it. They’ve given tax breaks to the richest, formed close relationships with the media which are now coming to light as being completely wrong, hit the poorest and less well off hard while patting each other on the back for a measly £600 tax break which barely covers the cost of living. They’ve cut everything as part of “sorting the mess left to them” but not the things that directly affect them.

Democracy, it’s wonderful isn’t it?


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