In which Tommy Robinson used Twitter

Tommy Robinson is the Leader of the English Defence league, a non violent, non racist organisation. However someone clearly forgot to tell that to them as they are mainly known for getting drunk, walking down the street while singing “We’re coming down the road” either they need to remind themselves what they’re doing or, are paying tribute to R Kelly’s “Trapped in the closet.”

Recently they hit the news, and each other, and a few police officers I imagine when they turned up in Rochdale to protest what they see as “Muslim sex gangs.” this takes us to the crux of the story.

Tommy has decided that the best way to get his message out is by using twitter his feed is…. shall we say extreme. One minute he’s advertising his appearances on local and international media, the next he’s protesting Asian grooming by grooming an Asian.

 Well that wasn’t very clever.
What followed was a reaction better than his botched attempt to highlight #creepingshariah in so far as everyone jumped on him for a)being a seedy perv and b) being a dick online. Not content with hitting on a girl he then decided just to go full idiot and slate of Muhammad. Including gems like

Cutting off six hundred jews head in one day then raping one of there wifes? #messengerfromgod i dont think so.

Guns dont kill people. Islam does

As if that girl was 15 get a grip ya mugs. Your fellow brothers rape 11 yr olds, you prophet had sex with a 9 yr old.

Now Tommy has not only opened Pandora’s box. His lack of contact with those who aren’t in his organisation when he spouts this drivel has opened him up to attack. Not only that but it has destroyed any credibility they may have had, you can’t say you’re only protesting the “militant Islam” when you insult the prophet, a 15 year old girl and butcher Goldie lookin’ chain. If anyone in the EDL had any sense then they would politely tell him to knock it off and to shut up.

Tommy needs to realise he’s the public face of an organisation that already has an image problem and he’ll get nowhere if he’s dicking it up online. Now it is good that it lets everyone see just what a right wing lunatic he is but after a while it’s like that scene in the Simpson’s where homer is running in a circle trying to read the writing on the back of his head, yes it’s funny but then the laughs give way to pity then sadness.


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