An AA312 moan.

Results for TMA04 of AA312 are in. I managed to take the exact same step backwards from the last one. I don’t know quite what is happening. I’m assuming its just boredom with the course, it’s very dry and the guidance on what to do is abysmal. Couple this with a tutor change who does things the complete opposite of the last one and it’s becoming a nightmare.

One of the main problems I have with the “Distance learning” approach is the lack of interaction especially with the staff, looking on the  message board for the course one or two of the tutors are very active, one puts a ton of notes and further guidance on the forum and if it weren’t for him most would have been further up the proverbial creek without a method of propulsion. However this is not without its pitfalls, I’ve followed his advice only to have the TMA come back and with dropped marks for following the guidance and can easily say what is a good pass for one tutor is a bare pass for another. In a way this inconsistency puts you at a disadvantage if your tutor isn’t active, yes you can get in touch with them on the phone or email but for me finding the time to get it done is a struggle. Some people rely on the information in the forums and can’t make the tutorials or “elluminate” sessions.

Luckily as with every other course the Facebook group is brilliant and always good for a laugh or a moan, and my experience with the set up for this course is no way indicative of the other courses I have done.


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