The addiction of Science

About a year and a half ago I was what society would label a “geek,” I owned a telescope and a pile of New Scientists that posed a serious  structural risk of killing a small child. I loved science, I watched documentaries constantly, read anything that was remotely linked to science and even began a degree in it. All of which I loved.

Then I got bored, one day it just didn’t click. I couldn’t get past a certain page in the course book and realised that what held me back was my poor grasp of Maths. Now don’t get me wrong, I was awful at school, luckily I forgot all I learned there and began to teach myself, adapting  it so I could understand it. But it wasn’t enough. As time went on I grew further away from Science and went back to my other passion which is History. Finally plucking up the courage to attempt to complete the degree I was already nearly finished with.

A part of me still yearns to dive into a paper on Physics or to look up and count the stars imagining what could be orbiting them. Recently I’ve begun to indulge it again, like an addiction. I’ve picked up the level 2 science books and started to work my way through it, without the pain of a time scale or exams and Essays to worry about. When I moved to History I told myself that I would go back to physics and at least work through it before paying to resit the courses. Of course life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes, in a way I’m thankful that the Government paid for my first course while I was on Jobseeker’s this is a brilliant Idea and I think is more useful than any work programme  and at least then I had time to do it all.

I’ve always had this problem of not being focuses my tutors at Uni always said it and so did my ones with the OU, I think trying to resist the urge to go back would be a bigger personal victory. Although I’m a year away from finishing the History one so there’s plenty of time. I just hope the standard model still prevails. I’d hate to have to learn a new one.


One thought on “The addiction of Science

  1. Roxy July 13, 2012 / 6:36 pm

    Some famous people said that they wish they’d kept science as a “hobby” because when they were forced to work on it, they lost passion for it.
    I flit from physics to astrophysics, to neurobiology to astronomy, in a matter of days, you are too restricted in a course to indulge in it.
    It is like an addiction, it’s like saying to alcoholics, “You can still drink alcohol, but you have to drink it, in the amount and the way we tell you to drink it”. Doesn’t work like that.

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