The Giants are more believable.

One thing the UK can be proud of is that the lunatic fringe isn’t quite as vocal as in America, we’re not completely throwing out human understanding in the belief that we were created in one action packed week and forcing others into believing it. However this seems to be changing over in Northern Ireland with the opening of the new visitor centre at the Giants Causeway.

The centre caused a minor uproar 2 years ago when the plan to include the Creationist theory of the formation was to be included in an interactive display. However the negative publicity didn’t stop the Caleb foundation (the same ones who protest sporting events on Sundays) managed to get their view into it. As expected the humanist societies are up in arms and the Caleb foundation are rubbing their hands in glee, but just how bad is this?

Well in all honesty it isn’t the end of the world, the “creationist display” is practically one line in an audio recording describing the origins of the causeway:

“Like many natural phenomena around the world, the Giant’s Causeway has raised questions and prompted debate about how it was formed.

This debate has ebbed and flowed since the discovery of the Causeway to science and, historically, the Causeway became part of a global debate about how the earth’s rocks were formed.

This debate continues today for some people, who have an understanding of the formation of the earth which is different from that of current mainstream science.

Young Earth Creationists believe that the earth was created some 6000 years ago. This is based on a specific interpretation of the Bible and in particular the account of creation in the book of Genesis.

Some people around the world, and specifically here in Northern Ireland, share this perspective.

Young Earth Creationists continue to debate questions about the age of the earth. As we have seen from the past, and understand today, perhaps the Giant’s Causeway will continue to prompt awe and wonder, and arouse debate and challenging questions for as long as visitors come to see it.”

It isn’t claiming that the causeway like the earth is 6000 years old, it is merely stating that in a wider historical context this was one viewpoint that was and still is believed and held sway until the last 100 or so years. However personally I think it being a road created by Giants is more believable.

Now there is a wider issue over just how far this will go the CF will rightly be feeling good about themselves today however I can’t imagine a display at Stonehenge claiming it was put there by aliens as a landing platform as much as I can’t imagine David Icke saying “That Hollow moon stuff, yea what WAS I thinking?” There’s far bigger issues and attacks on reason than a 5 second sound clip at a tourist destination.


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