On the disgusting reaction to the Colorado shootings.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”Rarely has one sentence been the reason behind so many needless deaths, adding to that list 12 more killed 2 days ago, while watching a movieJames Holmes was not part of a militia, he was by all accounts a normal if not a shy guy, he held a degree with highest honors at the University of California Riverside in neuroscience and went to Colorado to study for his PhD.

More crucially Holmes had never had any run ins with the law so during the last two months when Holmes went to his local Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain Guns he bought a number of weapons including a shotgun, handguns and the weapon believed to have killed most his victims, the AR15 which is a civilian version of the M16, the main assault rifle of the US military.

James Holmes’ guns were bought legally, Colorado law doesn’t require a permit to purchase a weapon, it doesn’t require anything other than the basic background check before they can own a weapon. America is used to these tragedies and the aftermath is normally the same, many will talk about the need to control the sale of weapons, some will talk about how it could have been avoided if someone else had a gun. Holmes went into the theatre wearing all over body armour, it was dark, full of people fleeing in terror and filled with smoke and tear gas to think that everyone should have guns to protect against gun violence is naive and a dangerous assumption.

To claim -like the NRA do- that searches are controls on firearms are an infringement on individual rights is an insult to those who’s right to life was cruelly took away from them.  Some have taken the rhetoric further, Congressmen Louie Gohmert said the attack was a response to the growing attack on Judeo-Christian belief and questioned why no-one in the theatre had shot back. Some went so far to blame the parents of some of the younger victims for taking their kids to see Batman at midnight.

America has a habit of talking about gun control then doing nothing about it until the next time a “normal but shy guy” shoots at more people. Gun controls stop these weapons falling into the hands of the wrong people, the last attempt which banned assault weapons was allowed to expire simply because groups like the NRA have too much influence on lawmakers as the honorable Mr Gohmert shows. However it’s time they looked into their souls and ask whether the death of Jessica Ghawi, a 24 year old sports reporter who survived a mass shooting in Canada. Alex Sullivan who was celebrating his birthday with the movie, Micayla Medek, Matt McQuinn, John Larimer and more tragically 6 year old Veronica Mose and another 6 others to cling to a 200 year old article that has no relevance in a modern society.


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