High resolution images, a software update and a meteor.

Remember the panorama photo? well now the high resolution images are coming in so NASA has been able to put this together:

Click to enlarge

This is seriously cool and the detail in the blast patterns is lovely and clear. However Curiosity is now undergoing a software upgrade where the landing software is replaced with the software that will enable it to drive to its objective, one of the other staggering facts is the hardware on Curiosity isn’t some state of the art processor or terabytes of RAM, in fact it contains only a modest 2GB flash memory and a 200MHz processor. In fact it’s highly likely your phone packs more power. Because of this the images coming back will be few and far between, however as soon as they start coming in they’ll be on here.

And finally a reminder that it’s perseid time again. Keep looking to the sky over the next few nights to see some excellent meteors and check out @VirtualAstro on Twitter for the latest updates.


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