Curiosity SOL12

Curiosity is back! following the software update the camera’s are back photographing the surroundings including the final target for the rover. Mount Sharp.

Mount Sharp is what Curiosity will be scaling, just as mountains and cliffs give geologists here on Earth a history of our planet through the various layers. Curiosity will be using its extensive cameras and scientific equipment to probe the layers uncovering more about the past history on Mars.

Also new footage has emerged from the landing the first image shows the heat shield impacting the ground:

And another showing the gentle landing on the surface:

I would also like to introduce you to something:

This is N165 and shortly it will be vaporised. Curiosity will aim it’s chemical camera (ChemCam) at the rock and fire a laser at it. As the rock is vaporised the camera will look at the plasma created and determine the composition of the rock. Now no-one is expecting a fossilised martial to be in there and N165 is pretty ordinary for a rock (albeit on Mars) but it’s a nice target to make sure the camera is working. And as usual, the images and data will be on here as soon as it’s available.


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