A grave, a grave my kingdom for a grave

So it seems at long last the final resting place of Richard III King of England has been discovered. Archaeologist digging in a car park in Leicester found the remains of greyfriars church in the city centre a few months ago and the signs are looking promising. Not only is damage to the bones consistent with those sustained in battle (backed up by the arrowhead in the body) the bones show signs of scoliosis, giving Richard a curved spine, but not to the extent of the Shakespeare character.

Of course the discussion has now turned to what to do with the bones, both York and Leicester have been battling it out for the bones (should they indeed be Richard) to come to them. While Richard was a member of the House of York and had strong links to the city Leicester appears to be the favourite. It makes sense as he spent his last night there and had also lain for 500 years in the City, the Cathedral has a memorial to Richard and his burial. The added plus is having Richard in Leicester means more can visit his grave, and not have to pay an extortionate amount to enter the Minster.

The real question is will there be a state funeral as has been suggested, and what form will it take, since Richard was a pre-reformation Monarch, would it be strictly Catholic? Or a mix?

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