Critics of Louise Mensch often say, “ignore her, don’t feed her insatiable appetite for publicity”. Understandable but not so easy because, even though she lives across the Atlantic, Mensch won’t leave Britain alone.

She writes for Murdoch’s Sun and Times, she tweets incessantly to her nearly 73,000 followers, she hovers from New York over her former constituency in Corby and comments daily on events in the UK, from Prime Minister’s Questions to the Jimmy Savile scandal.

And is she about to be a face of Britain in America, forming US opinion and perceptions of the UK? Does Fox Television beckon?

Thus, for good or bad, Louise Mensch has a sizeable and probably growing influence both in Britain and about Britain. The difference now is that it is without a shred of accountability.

It is not the desire of this blog to be uncivil to Mrs Mensch, or to comment on…

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