Schofield’s List

Phillip Schofield is a man who to me will always represent Saturday morning TV, until I started following him on twitter, instead there was a guy who was pretty smart and damn-right likeable.

He’s plodded along with a few juvenile jokes on weekday mornings generally not going out of his way to offend anyone. Until today.

While interviewing the Prime Minister about the abuse scandal that is engulfing the country at the minute Schofield handed a list to the PM of names linked to the scandal. It’s no secret who these people are, their names are easily accessible on the internet. Amongst them are peers, advisers, cabinet members and reality show contestants. The Prime Minister was caught on the backfoot he had no answer to this, no pre prepared soundbite, no biting joke we see day in day out in carefully managed stage shows. Instead of ignoring it, saying no comment or addressing it he accused Schofield of being involved in a gay witch hunt. This leaves us with two conclusions, either the names on the list are Homosexual conservatives (which narrows the list somewhat) or Cameron thinks that if you’re homosexual then you are a paedophile.

Either way this was a poor response from the PM, not only that but it’s riled up the Tory right, who now call for Schofield’s head the same way they called for Matt Bakers after asking about Cameron’s sleeping habits. He needs to be aware that hiding on daytime TV sofa’s talking about how he juggles the job and his private life doesn’t mean he can avoid answering the difficult questions. He’s happy to let his attack dogs go for the BBC, State Schools and the NHS, things he and his ministers are dismantling as we speak, but you attack him or his party then you’re immediately on a “witch-hunt,” while they’re happy to accuse the BBC of a cover up they refuse to accept that they themselves were complicit in such an activity in the 80’s and 90’s.

The truth is this. Unless a full enquiry is held examining the BBC, NHS, and the Welsh scandal then these questions will remain, ignoring it won’t make it go away. And it should be up to them, not Phillip Schofield or Tom Watson to lead the way.


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