A Proportional response?

A milestone was reached today and it was not a good one. Today marks the day the death toll in the latest trouble to hit Palestine reached 100. It’s no surprise the death toll is so high, Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas on the planet 1.7 million people call the desolate 25 x 6 mile strip home and Israel’s tactic of dropping high explosives in it is stupid at best, a war crime at worst.

Israel defend the civilian casualties by saying it’s Hamas’ fault for placing their installations in populated areas. Just to clarify that’s a strip of land not much bigger than Birmingham but with nearly double the population. Israel say they’re doing this in response to mounting rocket attacks into Israel. It’s worth noting that only 3 civilians in Israel have died.

Of those 100 to die over half are civilians, it appears Israel is performing keyhole surgery using an axe, of course this is the same military who in 2009 remarked that although 1000 people were Killed in Gaza 500 were militants. No civilized nation should think that Killing so many civilians to get at few militants is acceptable . It’s the same line we saw in Europe during the 1940’s although this time Israel is playing – rather ironically- the part of the Nazi’s and Warsaw 1944 is Gaza 2012. Israel has reacted with disproportional response, same as in 2009 under the misguided belief that overwhelming responses would discourage any more attempts well it’s 3 years later and we’re back to square one. Israel won’t negotiate because Hamas is a terrorist organisation backed by Iran, a country that isn’t exactly friendly.

Israel needs to accept that for now, Hamas is the ruling power in the strip, we may not like it, and we certainly shouldn’t accept it. Hamas are just another variation of other fanatical rulers we saw in Afghanistan and the more remote areas of Pakistan. They are in power because the west, and Israel let them. We tried to play Hamas and Fatah off against each other. Supplying Fatah with aid and attempting to remove Hamas. It backfired, the Palestine lands split between the Hamas Gaza and Fatah West Bank. And now because of the political chess game between Israel and the West and Iran and Hamas it’s innocent civilians who are paying the price. Israel bomb Gaza Killing civilians, for every one they Kill 2 more join Hamas. And Hamas retaliate with rockets further causing strikes by Iran and more civilian deaths and recruits.

For Israel the way to win against Hamas is simple. Stop the bombing, end the blockade. Provide aid to what is a giant refugee camp and let the young in Gaza know where that aid has come from. Gaza has a young population they are the future leaders of the land and you’ll go further by helping them and creating a positive image than you will with Killing them. The onus is also on the ordinary Israeli’s, the country is bitterly divided it is not united in the slightest. By allowing the modernists and those who don’t see the complete eradication of Palestine as the only option a voice in the government then real moves could be made. There’s an election coming up which in part explains why Israel have gone on the offensive when they do that and Israel inevitably comes under attack it strengthens the nationalists giving them a mandate to continue their abhorent strikes on Gaza.

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