After weeks of nervous waiting the moment of dread arrived. Sitting in my Inbox was a link to a page that would either make me happy, or tell me the last 9 months were a waste. Yes, it was result time. The good news was it was a Pass, the bad news was it wasn’t a high one. Granted a lot was happening over the last few months, with finally moving to a new flat on a leafy street in Sunderland and thousands of other distractions the result was going to be a low one.

I’ll still take the Pass and there’s still the issue of transferring all my previous study over if I can (although it would mean less time studying I’d rather start from scratch) But it’s nice to know there’s still life in the old dog yet.

Next decision is what to study next, looking at my transcripts from Sunderland there’s credits missing at level one and two but only one module starting in February which is the Level one Arts Past and Present which means I will have to spend a few months not mocking Art students until the “proper” History modules are starting.


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