Richard III

As a schoolchild you’re taught quite a lot in History, some of it is even true. Others however are completely wrong or stray from the truth. One of those is the story of Richard III, at school your taught he was a bloodthirsty hunchback, who killed his nephews in the Tower of London before being killed by Henry VII who’s only notable for that act and being Henry VIII’s father.

Today after months of waiting the remains found in a Leicester car park were confirmed to be Richard III, what is remarkable and immediately noticeable is the curvature of the spine

This pretty much confirms that in that respect More and Shakespeare were partly true (although grossly exaggerated) although there is no evidence to support the “withered arm” description. What is for certain, the last moments of his life were brutal, 2 blows to the head one of which could have dug into his brain, multiple other wounds sustained in battle and more macabre than the others, the wound to the pelvis, sustained from a weapon entering through the buttock, post mortem.

Richard is an enigma, a lot is buried under Tudor propaganda foisted onto school children today, they remember the princes in the tower, but is killing your own family to secure the crown unique to him? His Brother, George was killed by his other Brother Edward IV, William II was killed in circumstances that point to his Brother Henry I, people who have an opinion on Richard normally commit what I call the cardinal sin of History, they judge everything with a 21st century mindset. Richards actions if true are no worse than those done by those who came before and after him, other accounts portray Richard as a good King who introduced reforms to the legal system that are still in use today.

Irrespective of this, Richard III has finally been found and a chapter in our history can finally be written.


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