Farewell Spartacus.

So with one expectedly bloody episode we’re about to witness the end of a legend, yes, the Starz version of Spartacus:Blood and sand/gods of the arena/vengeance/war of the damned is all but over.

There was a weird transformation in the show, the first series was undoubtedly all about men fighting, blood and inappropriate bellowing. Not to mention sex, nudity, foul language and absolutely no space for character development. Batiatus was a scheming shit in Episode 1 and remained so until his death. Crixus was a tank sized gruff killing machine and remained so until the end of the series. However a few episodes in, when the new gladiators have “look death in the eye, embrace it and fuck it”.” a transformation happens. The show stops being a 16 year olds wet dream and has the bones of a TV show.

Andy Whitfield

However by the end of the first series the star of the show, Andy Whitfield, was diagnosed with  non-Hodgkin lymphoma and production of Vengeance was delayed. However this gave us the brilliant “Gods of the Arena” a prequel showing the house of Batiatus before the massacre of slaves. And in it Batiatus isn’t a scheming shit, he seems almost human he enjoys the company of Suetonius (before his eventual betrayal and rather gruesome end) and seems to be rather happy. Even his wife  Lucretia isn’t as scheming. Of course the advantage of a prequel and the writers discovery that “hey there’s a story in here” mean this really was one of the better series and marked the transition from “300 the tv show” to fully fledged historical sword and sandal epic.

I’ll miss it I miss the dialogue, yes it’s “Jupiters cock this” and “fuck mouth with cock that” but it does pick up some subtleties with classical Latin, if you use a literal translation then this is how they would speak if they spoke in English. I hope DaVinci’s demons is a suitable replacement.

Now remove self from fucking sight, TV and I are set to purpose.

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