A plea

I’ve been struggling for 2 weeks to write something about the events in London and also in the country as a whole. Obviously with the brutal and senseless murder of Lee Rigby the EDL have seized on this as proof “Islam is a violent religion” complete crap as you all know but this hasn’t stopped them getting the spotlight for a few weeks while the real media and let’s face it, saner people know to ignore them.

The EDL are not a DL, they’re a bunch of idiots who hide behind the flag and faux patriotism to make a point. They’re not all idiots of course, some are just confused and follow the crowd, others are racist, others are basically Hitler in a baseball cap.

Lee Rigby however was a defender of England, and the UK. He was a serving soldier, a veteran of one tour in Afghanistan and his family has been vocal in their opposition to any revenge attacks and has pleaded for calm.

However those brave defenders of England, the Home guard of Albion didn’t listen, a UKIP activist went as far as to call his grieving family “idiots” and have instead decided to shout loudly and carry big sticks, bottles and anything else that can be thrown.

So here it is. A plea, a request.
EDL please honour the families wishes, be angry – I am – do not be vengeful, do not tar a whole section of a community for the actions of 2 warped individuals, do not demand that every Muslim in the UK apologise for the actions of 2 people who had twisted their religion and carried out these hateful attacks. Remember Lee, but do not seek to right a wrong.

To the UAF, the EDL are cocks, we know this, oppose them by all means, do not antagonise, don’t play into their “minority in our own country” and victim mentality.

Lee and millions of others have died so people can speak their mind without fear of persecution, you may not like what they say, and that is also your right. It is also the price you pay for living in a country where men and women of all faiths have rallied around and defended us, paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Put simply:


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