In which I build a really old Model kit

I finally got my hands on it. To say I’m terrified of mucking this up is a massive understatement. I don’t even know where to begin.
*Starts humming ‘Sailing’*

Box art, quite nice, may have to frame it.

So first thoughts?

Mainly this is a bl**dy old kit, quite happy I found it on KingKit though and at £14.99 not blowing too big a hole in the monthly budget.
I’m not one to put the pilots in the kit but given how basic the cockpit it, I think Biggles and Ginger are going to have to go in.

2 things I fear about this, the first is having to cut the wheels out (although lack of a jacked up front gear sort of means I’d rather have it up (and you do get a nice looking stand for the plane) and those Decals. I’ve had old one’s before (Charles DeGaulle) and they disintegrated before my eyes, and I doubt there’s many spares for this floating around.

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