In which Mo Ansar has a dream

For those who don’t know, or can’t be bothered to look 3 posts down, I’m not a fan of Mo Ansar. I should point out at first I was but then after a while there was a realisation he’s just a publicity seeking shill. His views are anything but the progressive ones he’d like the BBC, Sky news and others to know about (which they soon cottoned onto and dropped him)

However this hasn’t stopped the visiting lecturer outreach coordinator LGBT activist Diversity manager¹ from spouting some rather shady views that Channel 4 quickly picked up on and included in their article here ² this didn’t go down well with a few people, notably Jeremy Duns and Dave Allen Green who immediately challenged what the former TV darling had written.

This isn’t new but this reply from the “diversity manager” surely stood out

I imagine once Ansar realises this wasn’t a smart thing to write he’ll take it down  however as a diversity manager he should know that, well it isn’t very diverse. Ansar has of course reacted how he usually does, as a victim of white guys stopping minority (particularly muslims) from being in the Mainstream Media. However this takes a more bizarre twist.

Because Mo Ansar is just like Martin Luther King because the FBI and his detractors on twitter used the same language, such as “Fraud” which I suppose as a Lawyer, theologian, chaplain arch bishop diversity manager4 he is guilty of (see here) this is obviously completely Pathetic but not as pathetic as arguing with a respected lawyer with a media Profile Ansar craves that he’s abusing his white privilege.

1 No idea

2 Removed quite quickly

3 Unlikely

4 Still none the wiser


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