And on the ninth day, a god created Brian Blessed


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Last Monday, we recorded The Infinite Monkey Cage Christmas Special. It was a first. When we first suggested a Christmas special, Brian immediately piped up, “let’s do The Bible”. Brian has an occasional habit of suggesting things like this, then, when he turns up on the day of the recording, he says, “why are we doing this stupid subject”. I will explain that he suggested it in a moment of bristling excitement and Chablis drinking, and he’ll wrinkle his nose, scrunch his face and say, “oh”.

At 11pm on Christmas night, a Radio 4 science show is doing a show on The Bible, that doesn’t have block capital, bold, font size 24 emails of complaint smeared all over it then.

To deal with the subject we built a crack team, like gathering a Magnificent Seven or Ocean’s Eleven. So I got on my donkey and started giddying it up around…

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