An election, a referendum and a pregnancy.

It’s been well over a year since I last posted anything to this site and now I have another one  I thought it was time to revive this.

Firstly in the year and a bit since we were last here, Labour headed right into an electoral nightmare with the general election, then the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader really put the lining around the grave. We had a vote on leaving the EU, which we promptly agreed to resulting in the pound dropping like a brick, the Prime minister leaving and Labour falling even further back.

More importantly though, in December I will become a father. To say i’m scared is an underestimation i’m actually terrified at the responsibility of another human and raising them. However that fear gives way to excitement at a new chapter of my life and all the things I’ll be doing. If this place gets a bit “baby orientated” I can only apologise but there will be more as we go along.


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