Who am I

I’m Northern and study History with the Open University. When I’m not at work I’m either playing on the Xbox, reading or writing on this blog

Before studying History I studied science concentrating on physics and astronomy, achieving a Certificate in Natural sciences in July 2011. Before that I spent three years at Sunderland University learning “American Studies,” -now renamed History and Politics just AFTER I got my certificate – and selling overpriced items to people for a high street store. However both of these ended in a cloud, after one two many arguments with his manager and his anger at a completely useless faculty.

When not writing angry articles/letters to government officials I can be found outside in the dark with my telescope whistling European pop/rock songs rather loudly annoying local wildlife. Or in the Library/pub.


If you come here often you may notice that some articles are now being re-copied from other sites. The reasoning behind this is simple, the article I post is better written than anything I could attempt and sometimes I just do not have the time to put something together. Often these articles sum everything up and sometimes they are used as a filler until I can get something written.


One thought on “Who am I

  1. James Flood August 27, 2011 / 2:06 pm

    Hi Gregg, nice blog. Just started getting mine going and Im starting s104 pretty soon. Add me on xbox live bro, FloodyZer0

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