Reminder about the “So called” Judge

It’s my fault really, I know I’m a crappy writer. It’s true, I sucked at English (but not literature) and I rarely know where a sentence will end when I start typing. However I figure if we’re going to die in a fireball if and when Boris says something on Twitter about Trump it might be a good idea to at least leave some sort of account behind.

Donald Trump’s immigration EO saga is still ongoing. Days after EO 13769 was issued last night (UK Time) Federal Judge  James Robart ordered a temporary suspension of the order the White House acted with dignity and ordered a freeze like a child and slammed the “outrageous” ruling from the Judge. However a second release omitted the word outrageous, but not before Spicer had said it.

Then the World waited for the inevitable, and boy did it come in style:

That is the President of the United States attacking a Federal Judge, a Judge who was confirmed by the US Senate 99-0 when he was nominated by President George W Bush. Judge Robart is a strong champion for the disenfranchised and was praised on the Senate floor for his community work with vulnerable children.  As a reward for upholding his oath, his ideals and the constitution there’s the so called “leader of the Free world”, a champion for Wall Street and whose idea of community work was establishing a charity foundation that spent $10,000 on a portrait of Trump. It also failed to honor a pledge to the 9/11 fund of………………$10,000 attacking him.

Trump needs to re-read the constitution, or really probably read it. Oh and something on Frederick Douglas might avoid further embarrassment. Oh and sack Conway who is just ridiculous.