Dub Stops

On the 27th of January, US President Trump (AKA Lord Dampnut) signed executive order 13769 the so-called “Muslim travel ban” this amongst other things suspended refugee relocation to the US from Syria, a process which was the most thorough and longest of national refugee applications.

The order generated huge global outrage with firm words from most foreign leader (apart from a mealy mouthed response from Theresa May (AKA Indecisiontron 2000) and numerous successful court cases including last night’s decision by the 9th circuit to uphold the suspension of the order.

With baited breath we waited…

Yes, the President will see those judges in court, although he already has, twice. And lost, twice to use Trump’s own words “he’s been losing so long he’s forgotten how to win [1]

Not to be outdone on the “heartless bastard” scale the UK government announced while the Brexit debate was ongoing that it was winding up the so called “Dubs” programme.

The programme named after Lord Dubs who introduced it as an amendment to the immigration act 2016 would see lone children in the various refugee camps relocated to the the UK. Lord Dubs was himself a child refugee who was one of those saved from the Nazi’s by Nicholas Winton (the British Oskar Schindler). The Amendment originally called for 3000 unaccompanied children to be resettled in the UK, after the Government kicked off the 3000 target was omitted and instead the Government in consultation with local authorities would determine the figure.

The government announced it would stop with 200 currently in the UK and 150 waiting to come over, 350. This government has stopped it with only 350 of the most vulnerable people coming here. The reason was the usual, the blanket excuse used by governments around the world when they simply don’t want immigrants and refugees [2]. That the programme was a “pull factor” and was in fact resulting in more children using people traffickers, and that the total of 350 was suitable as outlined in the “spirit” of the amendment.

In reality this Government has done the sum total of nothing, 350 is a pitiful small number the real reason would be the massive backlash in certain “news” papers about suspiciously old looking children arriving at immigration centres (because surviving a war, walking 3000 miles in desert heat, crossing a sea in a rubber boat then walking through plains, mountains and spending months in a camp without running water wouldn’t age anyone at all)

The decision to release this information shortly before a recess and while there was such a major vote is no accident, it’s a classic “bury the news” tactic. The decision that 350 is enough is disgraceful for a so called “civilised” society and the government who didn’t want this amendment in the first place has yanked it at the first opportunity. If anything it sums up the spiteful, mean and cowardly way this government is run. I can’t think of another government that has performed as poorly as this one. A Prime minister who cannot come to any sort of decision on anything, putting placating her own party’s right wing over the national interest, cozying up to the most vilified world leaders while burning bridges with our nearest and biggest trading partners. Earlier I called for Corbyn to resign, I would say the same to Theresa but she’s simply the less smelly of the assorted bags of shit that make up the Parliamentary tory party.

The devil you know is better than the one you don’t. She’s not the Iron Lady, or the Irony Lady [3] she’s a weak willed, indecisive, pandering harpie, who isn’t fit to fill the position that has been occupied by great leaders previously.

It’s only a matter of time before her party stabs her in the back the way they have with so many. The only question then is who comes next

1 Twitter attack on Senator John McCain, the Vietnam POW and war hero after McCain publicly criticised him for a botched SEAL mission in Yemen which left one SEAL dead and killed an unknown number of civilians including a child, the mission was  by all criteria an utter failure. It was also the first mission to be ordered by the President. Good Start.

2 Well until they invented terrorist attacks and blamed the Black guy who had the job before them.

3 Worst attempt at a joke since Corbyn attempted it, except mines on a blog read by no-one and his is in Hansard